Paolo Alderighi (from Milan, Italy) and Stephanie Trick (from St. Louis, Missouri) met at a piano festival in Boswil (near Zürich), Switzerland, in 2008 and started to work together in 2011 on a four-hands piano project dedicated to classic jazz, preparing arrangements of songs from the swing era, as well as drawing from the ragtime and blues repertoire. The convention of four hands on one piano is very common in classical music but a fairly rare occurrence in jazz, due to the fact that jazz is an improvised music.

Following the 2012 release of their first recording project, Two for One, they have been invited to many festivals and events in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Their second CD, Sentimental Journey (2014), shows their commitment to the formula of four-hands duets on one piano. Their latest two albums, Double Trio Live 2015 and Double Trio Always (2016), present the classic configuration of the jazz trio – piano, bass, and drums – with piano in four hands instead of two. This combination gives Alderighi and Trick the possibility of creating arrangements of songs that include moments in trio for each pianist (which is why the project is called “Double Trio”), in which the stylistic differences between the two emerge in their individual improvisational styles, as well as moments of “tutti,” in which the four-hands duet is sustained by bass and drums.

Alderighi and Trick have performed in a variety of venues in the United States and in Europe, including the Sacramento Music Festival; the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento; the Monterey Dixieland Jazz Festival, the San Diego Jazz Festival, the Kobe Jazz Street Festival in Kobe, Japan; the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland; the KIG Dixieland Festival in Dresden, Germany; the Ascona Jazz Festival in Ascona, Switzerland; the Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival in Kecskemét, Hungary; Teatro Dal Verme Milano, Jazzland Wien, Bülach Jazz Club, Jazz Bistro in Toronto, and other jazz clubs.

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