Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick
Four-Hands Jazz Piano Duo

Paolo and Stephanie
Welcome to the website of Paolo and Stephanie!

This site contains information about the two-pianist act of Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick, who play four-hands on one piano in concert, available for performance worldwide.

With their enthusiasm and passion for classic jazz, Paolo and Stephanie hope to make a small contribution to spreading the joy of this music!

News and Announcements

Our new CD, Two for One, is now available!  See the CD’s page for more information.

"It is unusual to hear a piano duet that is played by four hands on just one piano. Somehow Stephanie Trick and Paolo Alderighi manage this near-impossible feat without getting in each other’s way. Their playing is very complementary and mutually inspiring with plenty of fireworks being felt along the way. In their individual careers and together in this collaboration, Paolo and Stephanie keep the rich legacies of ragtime, stride piano, and swing alive, fresh and creative. Their CD is a joy from start to finish."

--Scott Yanow, jazz critic