I Love Erroll, I Love James P. - Stephanie Trick Plays James P. Johnson [Disc 1 of 2]

Released August 2020

This tribute to the Father of Stride Piano shows the breadth of James P. Johnson's works. Swinging intensity and great respect for the master are tangible on these 19 Johnson originals, and Stephanie has arranged them with impeccable taste. Paolo Alderighi joins in four-hands on #5, 8, 13, 15, 18. This album is part of the double CD “I Love Erroll, I Love James P.” (soon to be released in physical format).

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I Love Erroll, I Love James P. - Paolo Alderighi Plays Erroll Garner [Disc 2 of 2]
Released August 2020

Twelve delightful but rarely played Garner originals (plus #1, an original of his own, and #7, by Red Callender) played by Paolo Alderighi in trio, in solo (on the beautiful ballads of #4, 10, 12, 14), and with Stephanie Trick as guest on percussion (on #6, 9, 13). This album is part of the double CD “I Love Erroll, I Love James P.” (soon to be released in physical format).

Roberto Piccolo, bass; Nicola Stranieri, drums

Broadway and More
Broadway and More is Stephanie and Paolo's first album on two pianos, and presents original arrangements of Broadway shows from the '20s to '50s, as well as popular songs from Italy, England, and the US.

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Two-piano studio recording.

Double Trio Always
In Double Trio Always and Double Trio Live 2015, Stephanie and Paolo present their four-hands duo with a rhythm section. These albums feature Stephanie and Paolo's concept of the "Double Trio," where they play four-hands on one piano with the rhythm section, and also leave room for each other to play alone with the trio. Even if the latter formation can't be considered four-hands piano playing in the traditional sense, the two pianists decided to use this approach quite often because it produces a distinctive musical result, unlike that of the standard jazz piano trio with one pianist, mainly due to the continuous juxtaposition of two styles of improvisation.

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Studio recording with bassist Roberto Piccolo and drummer Nicola Stranieri.

Double Trio Live 2015
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Live recording from a concert with bassist Marty Eggers and drummer Danny Coots.

Sentimental Journey
Sentimental Journey was recorded in Biella, Italy, and was released in June 2014.  It is Stephanie and Paolo's second album together and features their own arrangements of swing standards, songs from the New Orleans repertoire, and an original boogie. Here is a review of this CD by Lynn René Bayley, which will appear in the November/December issue of the classical and jazz magazine, Fanfare.

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Two for One
Two for One was recorded in March 2012 in Biella, Italy, and released in July 2012.  It features the repertoire of the Swing Era, with some blues and ragtime as well.  Read a review of the album on JAZZ LIVES.

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Stephanie and Paolo also have the CDs available for purchase at their solo and duo concerts. 

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